Aircraft Catering Security

  1. Irving,TX
  2. Mar 29, 2018
  3. Protective Services : General Protective Services

G2 Secure Staff is hiring for a Aircraft Catering Security job in Irving,TX

Provide security screening to prevent the introduction of weapons, explosives and other deadly or dangerous items into the air transportation system by means of available screening equipment such as hand-held metal detectors and physical inspections.  The screening provides security for the aircraft, airports, air carriers and staff.

*****$300.00 sign on Bonus after 90 days of employment!*****

$10.25 per hour, Several shifts available, Sundays are mandatory

G2 – DFW Employment Office: 4425 W. Airport Freeway, Suite 250 Irving, TX 75062 / 214-888-2946 (Filter by DFW)



    1. High School diploma/G.E.D. or equivalent.
    2. Previous airline experience preferred.
    3. Previous experience in security, military, customer service preferred.
    4. Must be a U.S. citizen.
    5. Must be 18 years of age or older.
    6. Must have a reliable telephone number for contact. .
    7. Must have reliable transportation.


  1. Treat all information as confidential.
  2. Possess the tact to deal with all levels of situations, client representatives, employees and the public.
  3. Must be able to provide a certificate of health.
  4. Must be able to lift, carry and/or hold up to 75 lbs.
  5. Physical exam may be required to confirm the above.
  6. Must be able to read identification badges, credentials and lables on bottles, aerosol cans and packages.
  7. Must be able to open and close latches, zippers and screw caps.  Remove and feel beneath baggage contents and reach all sides of a bag.
  8. Must be able to hear and respond to the spoken voice and audible alarms generated by metal detection devices with other noise in the background.
  9. Must have manual dexterity to operate hand wand, and to search various shaped items and packages.
  10. May be exposed to hazards resulting from investigation of alarms/other irregularities.
  11. Must be able to verbally direct in English.
  12. Must be able to read, write, understand and carry out instructions in English.
  13. Must be able to sit, stand, lift and/or bend throughout the shift.
  14. Must pass pre-employment and random drug tests.

15.  Must meet necessary requirements to obtain a security sensitive identification badge.


  1. Must be familiar with all Government/Airport/Client and Company regulations.
  2. Deals courteously and communicate effectively with fellow employees.
  3. Communicate safety hazards and equipment problems to managers.
  4. Must conduct physical searches and take proper action upon detection of a questionable or dangerous item.
  5. Conduct an inspection of food, sealed items, beverages, serving utensils, supplies, liquor and duty-free items. 
  6. Focus on external appearances- appropriate weights- signs of tampering with packaging, insertion of inappropriate items.
  7. Inspection of food carts and supply trolleys must include side panels, doors, undercarriages, and dry ice compartments for items that do not belong. Searching under carts/trolleys/trays may be accomplished with a mirror. 
  8. Inspection must take place inside the catering facility or on the loading dock, and must be conducted to the extent permitted by local laws and hygiene standards.
  9. Search the inside of the vehicles for weapons, explosives and other deadly or dangerous items just prior to loading catering carts.
  10. Escort all catering carts from the time the monitoring/inspection is completed until the carts are loaded onto the transport vehicle.
  11. After concluding the search and loading, close and seal all carts with tamper evident security seals.
  12.  The air carrier or representative meeting the carts at the aircraft will inspect the seal for signs of tampering prior to breaking it.
  13. In the event a seal shows signs of tampering or are discovered broken, the suspect cart must be searched for weapons, explosives, and other dangerous devices prior to loading on aircraft. 
  14. All seals must be stored in a locked container and protected from unauthorized access.
  15. Notify or ensure immediate Law Enforcement Officer and/or Airline Ground Security Coordinator notification when necessary.
  16. Ensure safe handling of dangerous or deadly weapons/objects discovered until arrival of the Law Enforcement Officer.
  17. Contact Law Enforcement Officer if items of contraband (illegal items) are discovered during the screening process.  Maintain control of items until arrival of the L.E.O.
  18. Report all Government tests, real weapons, injuries and other major incidents to supervisor immediately.
  19. Keep supervisor informed of needs and problems in assigned areas, maintain cleanliness of immediate work area and report maintenance needs.
  20. Project a positive image and respond to inquiries from clients, staff and public in a courteous manner.
  21. Attend meetings and inservices as required.
  22. Utilize appropriate communications channels and maintain records, reports and files as required.
  23. Must be in proper uniform or business attire as directed by company officials.
  24. Identification badges must always be visible.
  25. Adhere to company policies and procedures and participate in achievement of company objectives.
  26. Utilize company and client equipment, supplies and resources in a conscientious, cost effective manner.
  27. Perform other duties as requested.

G2 – DFW Employment Office: 4425 W. Airport Freeway, Suite 250 Irving, TX 75062 / 214-888-2946 (Filter by DFW)


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