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Airline jobs are generally secured directly through a specific airline company, and the employees work out of that carrier’s central offices or “hub” locations. Airlines jobs include everything from ticket agent jobs, where the customer service representative is working behind the counter to prepare the customer’s itinerary, to flight attendant jobs, where the airline employee gives safety instruction, helps passengers with seating and luggage maintenance, and serves food and beverages during longer flights. Airline pilot positions are among the top paid positions out of any industry. However, most of the airline job is done behind the scenes, either administratively or as a mechanic or service technician.

Airline jobs are great for people who love to travel, as they generally include perks for the employee and families to fly cheaply on the employer’s airline. Usually a high school diploma is enough for an entry-level job, although an undergraduate degree is looked upon favorably. There is additional on-the-job training on safety and customer service for flight attendants, and the pilots and mechanics follow rigorous training through the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA.

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