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Banking jobs have changed quite a bit over the years, due to the influx of securities and insurance sales, along with the rise of Internet banking. Jobs in a bank are generally broken up by protecting cash and offering credit. There are many bank jobs available, and can usually be found at the individual branches or corporate location.

Teller jobs constitute about 30 percent of the available positions, whereas administrative and office support make up the rest. Bank teller jobs are usually the first line of communication with a customer, and work as a liaison for the monetary transactions between a customer and the bank. Tellers must be quick on their feet and efficient with money exchange, as well as good customer service skills.

Bank manager jobs oversee the day-to-day operations in the bank, including the tellers. If they are the head supervisor of a branch, they also lead the marketing efforts to get more customers to the bank. It is common for the bank or branch manager to work longer hours than tellers and other administrative staff.

Loan processor jobs are within the credit line of the bank, and can deal with commercial or personal credit lines for mortgages or transportation. Loan officer jobs often include calling on clients outside of the banking environment, generating new business and ensuring old business is running smoothly. Once the loan is approved for the commercial or personal customer, it is passed to the underwriter. Loan underwriter jobs analyze and spell out the terms and conditions agreed to by the bank and the customer receiving the loan.

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