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Delivery driver jobs are responsible for transporting a variety of goods to businesses and individuals. Most of their time is spent in their delivery trucks driving from one destination to the next. Delivering everything from food, to equipment, mail, appliances, furniture, and packages some delivery service workers will be needed to setup, prepare, and clean up all equipment and utensils when arriving and before leaving a location. Operating on a schedule, all functions must be done in accordance to time restraints. Delivery drivers must also obtain payments, signatures, or give receipts to the customers based upon the policies of the employers.

The minimum educational requirements for delivery driver jobs are a high school diploma, a GED, or equivalent. Workers must have a valid driver's license and at the employers discretion may be allowed only a certain number of traffic incidents within a particular amount of years of seeking employment. Having a high amount of contact with the customer, delivery drivers must exhibit a high level of customer service, have great interpersonal communication skills, and be able to read and write. Working hours will vary by employer, but typically a driver must be able to work nights and weekends and possibly some holidays. Being able to work flexible hours is a plus.

Employment of delivery driver jobs will continue to be a position that is available in nearly all parts of the nation. Densely populated areas will have the most opportunities for employment and given the worker's experience and driving record, employment should be favorable.

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