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Due to the variety of lodging accommodations and an ever-growing vacation industry, hotel jobs are easy to come by. Hotels generally accommodate travelers for the short-term—generally just a few days or a week—and in order to keep the accommodations running smoothly, jobs in a hotel  can run from housekeeping to hotel front desk jobs to hotel manager jobs. The work environment can differ greatly, as hotels can be family-friendly, boutique to upscale, business centers or even host casinos.

Perhaps the most visible hotel job, front desk receptionist jobs can range from actual check-in and customer service duties to that of concierge, who can get involved with assisting the customers in trip planning or day scheduling. Housekeeping consists of maid service, maintenance and janitorial, while valets and bellhops help get customers transportation and luggage needs met. If the hotel has a full-service kitchen, there are hostess, wait staff and cooking jobs, and if there are banquet halls, there may be a catering director as well as business event planner position.

Hotels jobs can be quite lucrative, and there is a definite career ladder for those who are interested in growing within the industry. Hotel general manager jobs are generally the highest level of management in a hotel. Depending on the size of the hotel, the general manager may be involved with just the business end of operations, rates and publicity, or can be involved in the day-to-day business of a smaller lodge.

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