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Mechanic jobs require a diagnostic skill and an adaptability to change repair strategies as technology continues to improve. Due to the specialized nature of the knowledge required, the usual mechanic job requires vocational schooling, an apprenticeship or experience under another skilled mechanic. In many urban areas, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is required. Mechanics jobs are generally centered on a type of motor vehicle, and can vary from auto mechanic jobs to heavy equipment mechanics jobs to small engine mechanic jobs.

Automotive mechanic jobs are perhaps the most well known. These mechanics can work at car dealerships, auto parts shops or out of their home. The auto mechanic job is encompasses troubleshooting, fixing and maintaining a vehicle. The skill set can vary depending on whether the automobile is an import or domestic, or can potentially be a racecar or antique. Motorcycle mechanic jobs fall along the same lines, with the technician usually specializing within one brand, like Harley-Davidson or BMW.

Aviation mechanic jobs have the same goal, but in this case it’s to maintain, inspect and keep an aircraft flying. The schooling for aircraft mechanic jobs is somewhat specialized as the mechanic generally needs to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to work for a major airline, commuter or regional airliner. Helicopter mechanic jobs help maintain helicopters used for news reporting, airlifting of injured persons and crop dusting, among other missions.

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