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Skilled trades manager jobs involve the coordination of skilled trades workers for a number of different careers like carpenters, automotive technicians, electricians, HVAC, plumbers, pipefitters, aviation mechanics, and welders. Manager careers involve planning replacement shipments of tools, supplies, and other equipment are common tasks. Evaluating the performance or their staff or team members and ensuring that deadlines are met are also a part of the normal 40 hour work week for supervisor jobs, although some projects may involve evening, weekend, and night time shifts.  

The minimum education for manager careers is at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree combined with previous managerial experience. Employers tend to hire workers that have great leadership capabilities, solid resumes, and superior interpersonal communication skills, and have a good deal of knowledge of the company’s organizational structure. Exceptional performance with skilled trades manager jobs can lead to promotions to higher management or supervisory positions within the establishment.

In 2006, there were 1.4 million manager careers in almost every industry. Prospective job seekers should know that they will face a significant amount of competition for these careers as the pool of job candidates will be larger than the number of open job opportunities. Additional job openings will result from the need to replace workers that make transitions to other occupations or exit the workforce entirely. Potential job seekers should know to expect excellent job opportunities in particular industries of work.         

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