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Even in today’s trying economy, social work jobs are still in great demand. Jobs in social work are expected to grow much faster than other industry positions, particularly in the health care sector field and within local government. Social work is at the very essence of human services jobs, often helping less-than-fortunate patients deal with substance abuse, broken homes, and disabilities. Human services employment touches every age group from children to the elderly, and can help single to multiple family units.

Jobs in human services include school social work, in which the counselor helps those within the school system and/or the students themselves. This is a great resource for children or faculty that may have no other outlet to tell about problems at home or within the school environment itself. Recreation worker jobs can also be found in this category, and specifically include counselor work within an after school or daycare type program. A recreation worker job can also include care for the elderly.

Some social workers perform out of an office, but make client visits for the bulk of the time. Residential counselor jobs require that the social worker help a certain population of people that live within a residential facility. Residential counselor employment can include mental health and substance abuse counseling.

There is important work to be found as a social work assistant as well. Social work assistant jobs are a great way to gain entry into the field, and offer a good platform of learning. Most social work jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, and each state requires special licensure as well.

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