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The trucking industry is a behind-the-scenes field that operates primarily to get loads of goods from a point of orientation to a final destination. Trucking jobs can be found within nationwide franchises, where the truck and route are provided, or as independent owner operators, in which the trucker owns his or her own rig and works independently or as a contractor. Jobs in trucking can also be local, regional or nationwide driving positions, and can include freight as varied as livestock, hazardous chemicals and produce. Almost everything we use, eat or own comes off of a truck at some point.

The type of licensing needed for a trucking job varies according to the size of the vehicle. A regular driver’s license may be acceptable for delivery service trucks, while a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is needed for tractor-trailers and other large rigs. If the trucker is handling specialty items or hazardous materials, there are additional licenses and certifications required for the safety of the trucker and the other drivers on the road.

An important service within trucker driving franchises is that of dispatcher jobs. The typical worker in a dispatcher job serves as the central point of communication to the traveling trucker. The dispatcher will maintain delivery schedules and can assist when there is a mechanical problem or unexpected event during the delivery. Through satellite and GPS systems, dispatches can now monitor the trucker’s route, along with engine performance and even fuel consumption. Dispatcher employment is also common in other emergency industries like police, fire and ambulance.

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